SoundMachines is coming…….

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Something BIG is happening.

A new player is entering the world of electronic music. SoundMachines will build and sell hihg quality and performance instruments to create music, noises, whatever has to do with air pressure waves going back and forth…

SoundMachines is based in Italy, where all of his products will be designed and manufactured.

SoundMachines will be the Renaissance of the long lost Italian Synthesizer tradition.

SoundMachines has a wide product roadmap.

SoundMachines is backed up by one of the most important electronic R&D companies in Italy.

SoundMachines will give you:

  • Synthesizer Modules
  • Mono and Polysynths
  • Performance Interfaces
  • Stand Alone Effects
  • Synesthetic Lighting equipment

SoundMachines is coming……


Blog change! take note!

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Dear All,

fom now on you are kindly requested to steer your browser here:


Blacksmith’s magic

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Once Upon a Time

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DSCN1074Components, components, components, soldering iron, patience, some wires.

This is the beginning. Some pieces on a table, some drawings or maybe a pcb, some sounds in your head. And then it starts to gain weight, a body and some knobs… Then you flick a switch. And, like Ms. Shelley’s creature…. it’s ALIVE.


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Blog is changing skin, contents and language. New posts will be in English (almost!) and we are going to speak technically about ‘making’ music with circuits.

Se you soon.

Home Sweet Home

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He’s the Man.
1 Negroni
1 Ruhm Cooler

Let’s twist again!

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Le vacanze sono finite (per chi ne ha avute) e stò uscendo dal mio ULTIMO progetto operativo. Sono Felice di aver chiuso questa fase con un oggetto complicatissimo e difficile da domare. Ma in fondo ho sempre pensato di potercela fare. Ora comincia un altro mondo, un altro tutto.
L’ espressione é significativa 🙂